Pantone Design

I love how people incorporate their love for all things pantone into their own work, whether it be a cool rubix cube, your own stair case or the entire interior design of a hotel. Check out some ways the people are incorporating pantones into their lives…

Industrial designer Ignacio Pilotto mashed the classic Rubik’s cube with the Pantone color book.

How about stairs for the designer who is dedicated to colour matching their home with the Pantone Color Matching System? The staircase is part of Tamotsu Yagi Design’s San Fransisco studio,as shown in Dutch interior magazine ELLE Wonen.

Package design concept by designer Samy Halim.


The PANTONE HOTELTM in the city of Brussels. The “hotel of colors” was designed by Michel Penneman and Oliver Hannaert, The PANTONE HOTELTM, Brussels showcases the color of emotion with a distinctive hue on each colorous guest floor. From vivid to subdued, for business or leisure, our unique boutique hotel perfectly suits your savvy palette and colorful imagination.


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