Minimalism in Poster Design

Im working on a poster design and looked to the internet for some inspiration for a minimalist approach to poster design. I was quite pleased with what I found. Listed from top to bottom: (1) Star Wars..clever. (2) Who could forget the Stay Puff Marshmellow Man…very clever. I love it. (3) Kill Bill, easily identifiable with just the yellow background and black line. (4) Im a fan of shark week on the discover channel, I happen to be watching it all day today, so it was quite fitting to have found this poster today as well. (5) Reservoir Dogs, Im a fan of the movie and the poster was perfect. (6)  I love the simplicity of a one letter poster. Why say it with one hundred words when all you need is one letter! (7) Robocop poster is nice, all you need and nothing more.


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