Little Chef Identity Design

I came across the identity design of a brand called Little Chef (created by VentureThree) .  Three things define their identity and branding, a vibrant color scheme, their use of typography and the simplicity in their layouts. My favorite pieces are their (1) trays, (2) package design, (3) breakfast menus, (4) sit down menus, and (5) lollipops . I love the breakfast menu for the simple font, simple layout and vibrant colors! And I love the sit down menu because of the simplicity in the whole design.  Using a very simple color scheme, simple layout and simple fonts, they were able to turn this complex menu into an easy to read, easy to navigate menu. No need to complicate such smart design with images, the art is in the typography itself! I love it.

For more history and info on Little Chef check out ID.

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