Pikku Unique Cloth + Wares

I love when I discover new boutiques from reading other peoples blogs. Pikku is a unique cloth and wares boutique that believes that beauty is in the simple things and in the small details. ¬†And since I myself have a passion for all things simple and clean, I was very happy to have come across such a pleasant find. Take a look at some of their wares… (1) loop-di-loop pillow silkscreened by hand onto an organic cotton + hemp blended canvas (2) side seam.dot.lemon flat notecard (3) screen door wrap.blu wrapping paper (4) pikku dot wrap. pickle wrapping paper (5) speckleware cups (6) And my favorite item, the Tuulip Pillow.tart.

If you like my blog, I think you will love this boutique!


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