Under Armour Print Design

Under Armour was looking for design inspiration for the launch of their upcoming clothing line. They felt that their current campaign was not edgy enough, nor was it capturing the essence of their objectives. I was given a layout of their photo shoot and was tasked with not only choosing the images but also manipulating the images to capture and represent that strong, driven, competitive, female athlete.

This project was perfect for me.  I was a female, scholarship volleyball player in college that was driven and ridiculously competitive! I know what driven looks like and I know what competitive feels like. So for me, going through the images and choosing the photos that represented that strong, driven, competitive woman was easy.

Here are a select few of images that were chosen, cropped and finished.

One important thing to note, in addition to being a female athlete, I am also an avid fan of Under Armour and have worn their clothing for years. So aside from choosing the images that  captured the competitive, driven female athlete, I was also looking for how the clothing presented itself in the images.

How does the clothing fit? How does it fall on a woman’s curves, how does it look when you sweat, what are the details on the clothing, are the clothes shiny or matte and how does that affect one’s perception of the clothing?

Sometimes cropping out the models face was necessary to accentuate the presence of the clothing which was really the star of some of these photos…

Once the photos were chosen and cropped, the next task was how to bring in a bit of an edge to the photos. For me, the trick was to introduce the smallest amount of change to the image with the greatest amount of impact to the experience of the image…

Image cropped and finished:

then refinished, adding a bit more of an edge…