Paying It Forward

Recently a client of mine was struggling to make ends meet and keep their business going.

Believing in their vision, a friend of theirs offered to help fund them to get their marketing campaign off the ground. After working with my client to develop their new website and marketing materials for their business, they launched a successful marketing campaign, stared receiving orders and have since maintained a THRIVING business.

I absolutely love to hear my clients tell me that I’ve helped bring their vision to life and love even more, hearing how their businesses have improved since working with me.

But this story gets even better…

My client was not only able to repay their friend but has since decided to “Pay It Forward.”  They’ve decided to help 10 deserving businesses just as they were helped, by subsidizing a portion of their marketing costs.

Inspired by such a generous contribution, I’ve decided to match their contribution by donating time as well and together we have come up with an offer to help 10 aspiring businesses to get their marketing campaigns off the ground! We’re calling it Project: Give Design. This project offers the design of 2 items of your choice from the list below for the price of only $500, a savings of well over $800 to each business.


  • A start up informational website (org. $1,200.00-2,500.00)
  • Company Logo (org. $550.00)
  • Business Card Design (org. $395.00)
  • Brochure Design (org. $895.00)
  • 8 1/2 x 11 Flyer Design (org. $350.00)
  • Standard 4×6 Postcard Design (org. $350.00)
  • Graphic t-shirt design 1 side only (org. $400.00)
  • Business One-Sheet (org. $750.00)
  • Poster Design ($450.00)
  • Online Banner Ad (org. $350.00)


Are there any prerequisites?
Yes. (1) Must me a small business or start-up with 25 employees or less.(2) Business must be based in the continental US, and (3) First come first serve basis. Offer expires when funding expires.

Is there a limit to the number of services I can purchase?
Yes. There is a finite amount of funding available for this program and we are trying to help as many business owners as we can for the money allotted. So we are offering the program to only the first 10 businesses that sign up to take advantage of the offer.

Are there any conditions?
Yes. There are a couple conditions: (1) There is a limit of 3 revisions per item, (2) You must submit all of your content within one week of purchase, (3) After you purchase the package work will begin. (4) There is a turnaround time of 2 weeks maximum per purchase.

What will I get if I choose the website as one of my items?
Everyone wants a website and everyone needs a website. So with the website we are offering a 5 page informational website customized with your logo, color scheme, images and contact form as well as links to your social networking sites.

What is the turn around time for the two items?
2 weeks max.

Does this include printing fees?

How do I get started?
Simply click on the purchase button below. You can pay using your paypal account or your credit card.