Best Email Marketing Tips

What is email marketing and how can we achieve the best results from email marketing?
First, email marketing is simply sending out your marketing message via email. Its inexpensive to send out, gets to your audience much faster than snail mail and you can easily track and improve your results.

Now that we have gotten the basics out of the way, lets talk about the anatomy of an effective email marketing message.  I think there are 5 key items that you need to create an effective email:

1. Bold Subject Line is number one. Some people can’t see the email before they open it up to read it. So if the only thing I can see is your subject line, make sure it is interesting enough to get me to open it up.  Be sure to tackle this item! Sometimes people are so concerned about what the email looks like that they forget to put some real time into creating a captivating and attention grabbing subject line.

2. Imagery is number two. Absolutely hands down, imagery is the number one thing that gets peoples attention. These days, its not just one large image getting people’s attention, as you can see from the images below, now companies are using a collection of images, icons, typography and bold text to get our attention. Think about the main idea of your email and find an image that conveys your message with one glance. Does your image match your message?

3.  Content is number three. By content, I mean your message. What are you trying to say? Your content should be SHORT and to the point, and it should also match the message that your chosen image is conveying. You don’t have to put your entire website in your email, just drop key hints and point your audience towards your website for more info. And be sure to ask yourself, does your message match the image?

4. Branding comes in at number four. Be sure that the branding in all of your email campaigns is the same. Make sure your headers, logo, color scheme and font choices are consistent with your website and printed materials. Be sure to always add your social networking links and website links as well.

5. Social Sharing comes in at number five. Don’t forget to add your social networking links to your emails. This allows your audience to receive it and forward it to friends, post it to Facebook, twitter and Pinterest! Not only can great looking emails go viral, they can start out on an email list of only 200 people and by the end of the day end up being seen by over 10,000 people just by being posted to Facebook, twitter and Pinterest!  Allow people to share your message, don’t forget your social links!