White Space Less Noise

Ok so first let me quickly define what white space is: In one word…necessary.┬áNo seriously, it is exactly what you think it is, all of the blank space between letters, words, paragraphs and images. Its necessary to create spacial relationships between the visual elements on the page and its helps move your eyes from one point on the page to the next.

One website that is the best at their use of white space is Apple.com.



1. While some people often think about what to put in their website, what they should be thinking about is what to leave out.

2. Focus on the objective of your site, and make sure that you have included the most important information.

3. Once you have all of the information on your site, now work on what you can remove.

4. Organizing your navigation is key and can help contribute to more white space.

5. Remember this: an adequate amount of whitespace makes your site much easier on the eyes.


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