The value of imagery

Many times good imagery is underestimated. It shouldn’t be. Great imagery is necessary for a great looking website. Take for example Crave, a cupcake bakery in Houston, TX. Ive never been there but Im telling you not only can I not wait to visit, I feel like I can smell the cupcakes from my computer!

Most people make three big mistakes:

(1) Some people add images to their website which is fine but dark images. Icckkk! Dont do dark images. Dark images are ugly and dont do the subject any justice.

(2) Wrong sizing. Its important that the size of the image match the size of the space.

(3) Too many words! Why use so many words on a Bakery site when all we want to see is images. Images that convey the experience are worth a thousand words.

So three solutions:

(1) purchase stock photography! Use keywords to find the images you are looking for and find a well lit image, then purchase it! You can find several websites that sell great images for every budget from getty images to Istockphoto.

(2) Purchase the right size! Oh that is so important. Dont use an image that is 290 pixels wide for a 640 pixel space! You will have to stretch the image which will make the image pixelate (blurry), it looks terrible, dont do it.

(3) If budget allows and/or if you prefer images using your own products or people, find a local photographer and invest in a photo shoot. They are not as expensive as you think!

Take for example two bakery websites, one site is filled with wording…

and the other site is filled with imagery…


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