Starting Out

Ok so you are just starting your new business and have quite a few bills. Budget is important and even more important is what do you buy first? There are so many things to pay for, incorporating your business, marketing, business cards, website,…how do you prioritize? And when it comes to marketing …what should come first, the business card or the website?

“A business with no website is like a man with no face”

So here is your answer: your website! Think about this, you could give your prospect a business card, or you could give them your website. Trust me, your website is going to give your prospect WAY more information than any business card EVERY could!

The absence of a web presence in the Internet age can be devastating. People search the internet everyday for exactly what you do! So, if you don’t have a web site, you need to get one!

Now here is where I disagree with some people. Some think that “Any web site is better than none.”  NOT SO!  I totally disagree. Getting up and putting on flip flops in the snow may help you for 5 minutes but after 20 minutes you’re going to need something that will keep you from having to dismember your toes!

Solution: On a small budget, go for a good looking wordpress website template. It will allow you to update your site and give your business a professional look right out of the box. Update the template with your company color scheme, logo, content and contact information and that will surely suffice until you are able to upgrade to a custom site.

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