Light or Dark color websites?

I am creating a new website that is geared toward men’s fashion trends and Im trying to decide whether I should use a light or dark background. Which do you prefer?

Answer: Ok, so I prefer lighter color websites. I think that they are easier on the eyes and lighter color web design is, by far, more legible. I think the lighter design is best used for businesses and high content websites while the darker design is best left for recreational and hobby websites.

I started out thinking that there really was no winner at all and that it was more about the type of content that you had on your site and the niche that you were marketing to. SO! I went searching for some screenshots of dark websites and found quite a few interesting things:

A survey done by Darren of on light vs dark websites:


Next, an actual test that someone did with an email campaign.  In short, they designed one email campaign, two designs, one light and one dark. Results, 150% more click throughs on the white design!  Its doesnt surprise me because I would look at a lighter design before I looked at a dark one…lol…does that make me racist? Take a look at the two designs and judge for yourself:


So I was thinking with such a large contrast between the light and dark, what if you merged the two? Thoughts??


Last thing, I went looking for some screenshots of dark websites. I started at “25 Beautifully Dark Website Designs” by Vandelay Design.  And as I started clicking through the top screenshots so that I could look at the sites for myself, much to my surprise, when I clicked on the dark screenshots of some of the websites, I was taken to newly redesigned lighter websites!

Now dont get me wrong, some are still clinging to the dark side, but definitely fewer …

My take on the advantages of Light and Dark websites:

Final decision is up to you…

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