Help My Website Is Too Busy!

My website is very text driven and looks very busy but I have alot of information that is important so I cant take any of it out.  How can I keep all of the information on my website but still keep people interested in what I have to say?

Answer: Great question! I dont like busy websites, I never know where to look first!  The best advice would be to break up the content. By breaking up the content you help to make the information easier on the eyes. Here are a few tips to make your website look less busy and much easier on the eyes:

Design is about communication. Your information is important but you have to be able to grab your users. Users scan for information so you need to grab their attention quickly and icons are a simple, but effective way to draw users toward the information that you need them to see.  Icons visually break up the content, making it less intimidating. break up your content into small paragraphs and label them with icons.


Exactly what is white space? Its all the space that is not being taken up by pictures and text. Use it! Use alot of it! It helps break up all of the visual chaos that created with words and pictures and make your site easier on the eyes.


Color Blocks
Use color to help break up your text. Color not only keeps the eye visually interested…


but also helps to visually organize your thoughts. Take a look at some more examples below.


And finally, try using pull quotes. Pull quotes can be used to highlight important passages and to simplify the readers understanding. Take a look at some examples below:







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