How to increase my page views?

I currently have a website and am looking for ways to increase the number of page views to my website. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Answer: There are many ways that you can increase page views to your website.  Im going to start with my top 4 which are: (1) Add photo galleries, (2) paginate your post and comment pages, (3) Add related posts and (4) Honorable mention.

Photo Galleries

Photo galleries are great for increasing traffic to your website. But here’s the thing, not flash photo galleries or photo galleries that do not reload the page. It is very important that you use a photo gallery that reloads the page with every click. Perfect example, and the gallery that I use on client sites the nextgen photo with image browser. Add image thumbnails inside of your post, create a link that clicks through to the gallery page and customize your photo gallery page so that you have one larger image with thumbnails below it. You should also have a main photo gallery page which displays all of your galleries. Trust me, adding photo galleries to your site this way will definitely increase traffic to your site!

Here is the post page with the image and thumbnails below…


and here is the gallery page with thumbnails below with the next and previous navigation to the right.



Pagination is a great way to increase traffic to your site.  First, paginating posts increases the number of clicks to your site. Instead of having one extremely long article on one page, cut that sucker into 3 to 4 pages but paginating it. That does two things, (1) it increase clicks to your site and (2) it makes the article a more interesting read.  Honestly, if I see an article that is super long and runs all the way down the page, I am alot less likely to continue reading.

Paginating comments. On websites that have alot of traffic and comments, break them up into groups of 10, this makes the page shorter and again, increases the page views to  your site.


Related Posts

Add related posts under your current post.  This is very simple, there are several wordpress plugins that work very well and are very easy to install to get you up and running right away.  Depending on the amount of content that you have on your individual post pages, you may opt for related posts with or without thumbnails. I prefer with thumbnails, obviously because your eyes are immediately drawn to images.


Honorable Mention

What do I mean by that? Ok so picture yourself composing an article and as you are typing that article, you think of another article that you posted a few months back.  So here’s what you do.  Type your article, and be sure to mention and hyperlink your previous post.  What happens? People tend to read the current article but also click on the older article that you mentioned (and hyperlinked) in the post to see how they relate. How do I know, I do it all the time and Im sure you do too without even thinking about it.


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