Choosing Images For Your Site

Ok so recently we talked about imagery and how important it is to your website.  Today, lets talk a little bit about how to choose your images. When it comes to choosing images for a website here are a few things that I consider: the message my client is trying to convey, their target market, and the current color scheme on their website.

When you are trying to convey a message, first think of keywords that accurately depict your message, second use stock photography. A note about keywords. Often clients tell me that they want “business” images. There is a big problem with that. Why? Because if I search for “business” photos I will literally find thousands of “business” photos.

So what you need to do is be very specific about what you want to see in a business photo.  Who you want to see, men, women or both?  What are they wearing, suits or business casual? What race are they: Black, white, asian, hispanic?  Where are they” in an office building, in an office, at a conference table, in a meeting, at a desk, with a computer? All of these things are very important in helping to narrow down your search from 165, 346 photos to 1,200 photos.

Do you want the subject facing the camera or actively participating?

Are you looking for an image for your contact page. Look for images with people in customer service with headsets or telephones.

Finally I narrow my search to either horizontal or portrait alignment. This will help me to maximize the spacing that I need for the image. Also think about whether you want people in your images at all. Sometimes removing people from the image allows you to convey a message without having to address a specific race or gender.

Sometimes your target market is more mature which you should reflect in your imagery.

Sometimes the choice of images are so similar you really have to be very specific with your objective. Are you trying to single out an individual or concentrate more on a the group aspect?

And sometimes you look for images that go with your website color scheme. Choosing images that go with the color scheme of your website really make a difference in the experience that your visitor has when they come to your site.

Sometimes you dont want the lack of color to help convey a message. Desaturated images with a splash of color can be very affective.

There are many factors to consider when choosing good images for your website. When choosing your images be sure to remember these three things:

1. What message or experience are you trying to convey?

2. Your target market

3. Your website color scheme.

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