Recently a client of mine was struggling to make ends meet and keep their business going. Believing in their vision, a friend of theirs offered to help fund them to get their marketing campaign off the ground. After working with my client to develop their new website

What is email marketing and how can we achieve the best results from email marketing? First, email marketing is simply sending out your marketing message via email. Its inexpensive to send out, gets to your audience much faster than snail mail and you can easily track and

Modus is an eDiscovery company that ensures their clients can always access their data to make critical decisions on every project. Liqpix was responsible for the visual design direction and implementation for 3 of their new sell sheets. I took the word doc given to  me

Under Armour was looking for design inspiration for the launch of their upcoming clothing line. They felt that their current campaign was not edgy enough, nor was it capturing the essence of their objectives. I was given a layout of their photo shoot and was tasked